Upgrading Bamboo results in HTTPS configuration disappearing

I recently upgraded bamboo within the 5.x version. The actual upgrade went well but when bamboo was restarted the site was only available on the default HTTP port. In this case it was a simple fix and it was a good thing that I had copied both the application files and the bamboo home.

Even though the Bamboo installer says that it’s going to “upgrade” what it’s really saying is that it will dump the new files in the old directory. This includes overwriting any files like the server.xml file.

Unfortunately this removed the HTTPS section of this file. Luckily this was a simple copy and paste from the old configuration file.

Yes this is in the upgrade guide but this guide also doesn’t say that an “upgrade” is possible so I figured this was a new function. Oh well.

Now that the server was available on HTTPS I still had another problem. The site wasn’t available via our F5 load balancer. This was a little harder to spot, but was again a simple solution.

When you connect to the root site (https://bamboo.mydomain.com) it sends a 302 redirect to the web service address. Now the F5 load balancer is looking for a HTTP 200 message to say that the site is healthy so you can’t point it at the root so instead we used the location that it sends you to, which in the case of the old version was /userlogin!default.action?os_destination=%2Fstart.action.

Well of course as part of the upgrade this path was changed just a little bit to /userlogin!doDefault.action?os_destination=%2Fstart.action. If you went to the old path well no HTTP 200 for you and so the site was marked as being down.

Once the health monitor was updated to the new URL the site was available again.