Update the VMM Bare Metal WinPE Image

The VMM Bare Metal build process is one of those processes that just seems magical when you first see it but there’s a lot going on to make this work. One of the common issues is that the server will boot using PXE but then will either not be able to continue to talk to the VMM server or will not see any local disks. These are all related to the drivers contained in the WinPE boot image.

This image is managed by VMM but you will find a current version on the WDS server in the RemoteInstall\DCMgr\Boot\Windows\Images directory which is called boot.wim.

If you want to manually update this with new drivers then you can use the script below. You need to run this from the VMM server and it requires that the boot.wim file be located in c:\temp with all drivers extracted into a folder called c:\temp\Drivers. You also need a c:\temp\mount directory for the WinPE image to be mounted to.

$mount = “c:\temp\mount”
$winpeimage = “c:\temp\boot.wim”
$winpetemp = $winpeimage + “.tmp”
$drivers = “C:\temp\Drivers”

copy $winpeimage $winpetemp

dism /mount-wim /wimfile:$winpetemp /index:1 /mountdir:$mount
dism /image:$mount /add-driver /driver:$drivers /recurse
Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:$mount /Commit

publish-scwindowspe -path $winpetemp
del $winpetemp

Once the WinPE image has been updated with the new drivers it will distribute the new image to all WDS servers in the environment.

It is also possible to install all drivers located in the VMM Library using but I try to stay away from this to minimise the size of the WinPE image. Let VMM install any non-critical drivers as part of it’s own process.

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