LastPass on Firefox – The missing copy password function

Ever since Firefox removed the legacy plugin functionality I’ve been annoyed that the new LastPass plugin didn’t have the copy username and copy password option.


It’s fine if you are just using the browser to log in but what about when you need to log in using actual applications?

This required you to find the entry and select to edit it, then unhide the password and manually copy it to the clipboard. 😩

I finally went looking for a solution and it appears that the firefox addon now needs both the addon and a native messaging component. I guess this wasn’t available when the addon was first releases and LastPass doesn’t tell you to go get it.

So how do you know if you need it? Well other than the copy username and copy password not being available you can go to the lastpass addon and select more options and then about LastPass


If you have the native messaging components then you should see this

LastPass with Native Components

If you don’t have them installed then there will be a button to go to the LastPass web site to install them. This just seems to me to be re-running the LastPass installer but I could be wrong about that.

Once done all the functions will be available again. Ya!!!


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