VMM bare metal build fails due to no matching logical network

If you deploy a new VMM bare metal build environment you may face an issue where the deployment fails with Error (21219).

The error description doesn’t appear to make a lot of sense either stating:

IP or subnet doesn’t match to specified logical network.

Recommended Action
Specify matching logical network and IP address or subnet.

If you face this, then you’ve likely checked and double checked all of your VMM networking and everything looks fine.

What’s happening?

This issue is caused by the build process looking up the IP address that you have allocated to the new server, and comparing this to the logical network. When it does this it’s finding that the IP address doesn’t match the subnet configured on the logical network .

But you’ve checked this already and it DOES. You checked it again now just in case and it still does, so this can’t be your problem right!?!?!

Well no.

You see VMM appears to not just be looking at the logical network for a match, but more specifically the first network site that was created on this logical network. Now in most cases you created the management network first so no big deal. But if you didn’t create it first, or you deleted it for some reason and recreated it then it will no longer be the first created site.

You’ve got to be kidding me. But it’s easy to fix?

You would think so but notice that there are no re-order buttons on the subnets?

This means that the only way to “reorder” them is to delete all of the network sites and recreate them. And if you have created any VM networks or bound them to any other configuration object then you’ll be even happier to know you will need to undo all of this configuration too.

Hopefully you’re deploying a new cluster and not deciding to deploy bare metal build to an existing one.

In case you think you must have missed this somewhere, it isn’t stated in the documentation. So is it a bug or a feature?

Either way just remember to create the host management subnet first in future.

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